H700-Series, High Pressure Hoses

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Thermo-Plastic Safety Hoses (700-Series)

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  • For demanding applications, featuring a 4:1 safety factor
  • Maximum working pressure of 700 bar
  • Outside jacket is polyurethane, to provide maximum abrasion resistance
  • Exhibits low volumetric expansion under pressure to enhance overall system efficiency
  • Crimped-on rubber strain relief for improved life and durability on all models.
  • Available models include: H7202, H7203, H7206, HC7203, HB7206, HA7206, HC7206Q, H7210, HC7206, HB7206Q, HA7206B, HA7210, HC7210, HC7203B, HC7206C, HC7206B, HC7306, H7220, H7306, HC7210B, HC7220, H7310, H7230, HC7310, H7250, H7320, HC7250C, HC7320, H7330, H7350

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